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Australia Dog cage

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The dog cages is for 1.2*1.8 or 1.5*1.8m. Customer can assemble it as demand.

For the dog cage,it did not a cage, but a home for the dog, dog can have a large space in it.

For the size of the kennel, welcome customer to customized, and we can provide it as your demand.

The cage is galvanized and we used the welded wire mesh to make it. It can prevent the cage or puppy out of cage, what’s more, it can protect people be more safe. 

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1.The Features of dog kennel

The tube dog run ready to use, easy to handle, a rigid, solid tube.

Integrated door with secure closure. 

2.Surface treatment of dog kennel 

Electrical galvanized or hot dipped galvanized is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or 

iron, in order to prevent rusting. Although galvanization can be done with electrical chemical and electrical deposition processes, the most common method in current use is hot-dip galvanization, in which steel parts 

are submerged in a bath of molten zinc. 

3.Protection of dog kennel

Choosing dog kennel can give you a quick and affordable solution to provide your best friend with safe home to rest. Also our dog kennel offers superior construction and a sleek and stylish finish, or you can go with either our panel or boxed lines; each cage which offer rust-resistant, galvanized steel construction and ease-of-assembly. 

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