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Casement window

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The advantages are large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation and good impermeability. The window cleaning is convenient with the inner opening; the open window does not occupy space when the opening is open. The disadvantage is that the window is small and the view is not open. The opening of the outer window should occupy a space outside the wall, which is easy to be damaged when the wind blows; while the inner window is to occupy part of the space inside, and it is not convenient to use the screen window. When opening the window, it is not convenient to use the screen window and curtain, such as the quality is not closed, and it may also seep through the rain.

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It has many opening forms, comfortable and durable. It is suitable for public buildings, residential areas and municipal engineering; high quality hardware accessories are durable, the operating handle is beautiful and comfortable, and it is convenient and flexible to open. Each use action has been tested, and the fatigue test times are more than tens of thousands, and the sliding is easy and self-contained Such as, silent, mature and perfect door and window processing technology, high-precision program control processing center for production, stable quality.

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