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CPL door

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CPL material is a new type of profile coating material on the market at present. It is a kind of melamine continuous laminated material (using the processing technology of fireproof board), which is a thin low-pressure fireproof board. CPL has high surface density, high wear resistance, good fire resistance and waterproof performance. At the same time, the paper surface is made of special formula IMPREGNATION processing, so that it has good coating flexibility after heating and coating fullness after molding. Melamine is a semi-finished product of CPL.

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1.Homochromatic texture

The texture, color and wear resistance of CPL coating line and melamine free door panel are the same, which solves the defects of large color difference and non wear resistance caused by melamine matched with other materials. Therefore, it is the best matching material for melamine door.

2.Fire resistant and durable

CPL has high surface density, high wear resistance, good resistance to burning, flame retardant, moisture-proof, no discoloration and scratch resistance. Compared with other decorative materials on the market, such as paint, PVC film, polymer board, etc., the surface is more scratch resistant and more flame retardant, so that the durability of the product is doubled.

3.Good environmental protection performance

It is a new high-grade decorative material for environmental protection in the market. The finished product is finished after coating or pressing. The surface does not need to be painted again, which reduces the harm of formaldehyde to human body. The environmental protection performance is superior, and the environmental protection level can reach E0 level through the patent technology of “net formaldehyde antibacterial”.

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