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  • PMI shows growth remains on right track

    China’s manufacturing activities expanded at a slightly slower pace in April, as indicated by the purchasing managers’ index falling to 51.1 last month from 51.9 in March, National Bureau of Statistics data showed on Friday. But the index still remained well within the expansion terr...
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  • Maintenance skill of wooden door and attention in daily use

    In modern decoration, due to the wood door has characteristics of closing to the natural texture and a variety of decorative effects, it has become a lot of people’s choice to decorate the room. So after the wooden door is installed, how to ensure the service life of the wooden door keeps a littl...
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  • Why more and more people choose ecological door?

    The door is not only a kind of space decoration, but also the guardian of each independent space. Beautiful, silent, safe and other functions are essential, but “durable” is easy to be ignored by the initial users. Because non durable products will not immediately expose many problems...
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  • How to distinguish paint free door, ecological door, solid wood composite door, solid wood painted door and original wood door?

    Wooden door in home, should occupy an important position. Wooden door’s quality, type, style, brand and so on, all should be considered when choosing wooden door. In terms of kinds, there are lacquer free doors, ecological doors, solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors, original wood d...
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