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Solid color painted door

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The base material of paint baking door is density board. The surface is sprayed with imported paint (three bottom, three sides, and two light) for eight times to form a process, that is, after painting, it is heated and dried in the drying room. The paint baking board is characterized by bright color, easy modeling, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti pollution ability and easy cleaning. The disadvantage is that the technical level is high and the reject rate is high, so the price remains high; when using it, we should take care of it carefully, relatively afraid of bumps and scratches, once damaged, it is difficult to repair and replace it as a whole; it is more suitable for young and high-end consumers who have higher requirements on appearance and quality and pursue fashion.

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Cleaning and maintenance:

1. In the process of using the paint baking door, it is necessary to avoid wiping the surface of the door panel with an excessively wet cloth, because the integrity of the paint film may be damaged and the paint film will crack, especially in the excessively humid environment;

2. The paint film hardness of high-quality painted door panel should be about 2h, that is, when the weight of 10kg is hit on the surface of the door panel, the door panel may appear pit, and the paint film of the door panel will not fall off in large area;

3. The paint film of baking paint door panel will change color due to high temperature, and its fireproof performance is poor. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight in the process of use. 6. Cleaning: in the process of use, it is difficult to avoid cooking fume in the kitchen. When there are oil fume and oil stains on the surface of the whole cabinet door panel, you can wipe it with detergent: water = 1:10 clean cotton cloth.

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